Code of Conduct

Player, Volunteer, Spectator Code of Conduct

As we attempt to promote the most positive experience for the youth of Carroll County, we are committed to the following standards. All coaches and spectators should read the following standards and sign below to indicate their willingness to abide by them. As parents/guardians of a player, you are responsible for yourself, as well as, all guests and family members who attend the game. In addition, the team’s coach will be held accountable for the behavior of their team’s spectators and will be disciplined accordingly if spectators do not uphold these standards.


  1. Comply with the policies and procedures of Finksburg Baseball
  2. Respect all participants, coaches, staff, officials, and volunteers at every practice or youth sports event and encourage all children to do the same.
  3. Refrain from abusive or inappropriate language or gestures toward officials, volunteers, coaches, staff, and participants. With the exception of a congratulatory handshake or “high five,” never make inappropriate physical contact with participants, coaches, staff, officials, or volunteers.
  4. Accept the decisions of the officials as being fair and performed to the best of their ability. Spectators shall never go onto the playing or practice field, or approach the official scorekeeper, while the game is in progress or immediately after the event. Allow the coach to take all questions, rule interpretations, or concerns to the appropriate league official.
  5. Refrain from giving the children instructions during the game – allow the coach to guide them.
  6. Help ensure the safety of the playing area by reporting any unsafe hazards, removing trash, leaving food and beverages outside the practice or playing area when requested, refraining from the use of tobacco within 50 yards of the playing field or program site, and refraining from the use of alcohol or other drugs at or immediately prior to all youth sports events.
  7. Encourage and compliment players when they show improvement, play with extra effort, or simply need kind words.
  8. Abide by a doctor’s decision in all matters of health, injuries, and ability to play.
  9. Remember that the game is for youth – not adults.

Penalty for non-compliance:

If a coach or spectator is ejected for these or any reason, they may not attend the next two (2) games played. When such action is taken, the individual must meet with the League Commissioner and/or League President prior to returning to any event. In addition, if the head coach in attendance has been warned by the official(s) about the behavior of a spectator at the game, then that coach will also be suspended for at least one (1) game. When such action is taken, the coach must meet with the League Commissioner and League President before returning to any event. If a coach or spectator is ejected a second time or acts out physically towards another individual, they will not be allowed to attend any Finksburg Baseball/Softball sports activity for at least one (1) year from the date of the incident. When such action is taken, the individual must meet with the League Commissioner and League President prior to returning to any event.

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