Concessions at Roaring Run

Roaring Run Concession Stand

The Roaring Run Lions Club (RRLC) is the most important partnership of Finksburg Baseball. Roaring Run Park is owned by the Lions Club, and Finksburg Baseball uses this park fee-free. We are asked to bring baseball and sportsmanship to our community, maintain the fields, and support the efforts of the Lions Club.

At Roaring Run, the Lions Club operates the concession stand that supports the operating budget for the park. The concession stand is run by a 100% volunteer workforce, and ALL proceeds go back into the park and Service the community.


We need Adults and Youth to take volunteer slots at the concession stand. 

Do you have a student who needs volunteer hours? 

The concession stand provides opportunities to gain volunteer hours needed to meet the County's volunteer requirements for graduation. If you can help, please reach out to Shona Greco (contact information below). You can also go directly to the Volunteer at Concession Stand signup page.

Additionally, each team has been assigned weeks to support the concession stand. To see the weeks your team is responsible to support the concession stand, see the image below the contact information. This Google Sheet will also show you what teams have committed to spots (note that this may not be the most up to date, you can also use the Sign-up Genius to see what is available).

Shona Greco

Volunteer Coordinator - Concession Stand

Appreciation Days (Coming Soon):

What does Volunteering look like?

Typical Volunteer “Jobs” at the Concession Stand 

·       Taking orders and serving as the cashier

·       Grabbing drinks and ice creams

·       Making hot dogs or hamburgers (Adults only)

·       Making soft pretzels

We will train you and find “the job” that fits each person’s abilities as best we can.  

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